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Living Simply, 
In Harmony with Nature,
Without Judgement of Others

‘Ancient Roots for Sacred Living’

Welcome/ failte.

The work of The Centre for Celtic Spirituality is based at Emain Macha/ The Navan Centre, an historically significant and ancient place three miles from Armagh, Northern Ireland.

If you read the oldest Irish mythological literature, you will find that Emain Macha appears in the stories as the Seat of the High King of Ulster. Reaching back into the mists of pre-history, it remains today as a place of mystery, where the traveller can experience what the Celtic Christians called ‘The Thin Place’ – the place where the Sacred Presence is so potent and so near, that it seems there is only a thin veil between this world and the Otherworld.

At Emain Macha/ The Navan Centre, which is a beautiful interpretive centre for the old site,  there is a small Celtic studies library, AV theatre, seminar room, restaurant and shop. There is also plentiful parking for cars and coaches. Those visiting can also avail of a Living History experience and a tour of the site offered by the staff. The Navan Centre is open all year round.

Please note: Study programmes offered by The Centre for Celtic Spirituality must be booked in advance.

The Centre for Celtic Spirituality is supported by many friends, including some  from local churches.

It’s aims are –
To share the ancient heritage of Celtic Spirituality, Armagh and Ireland (particularly the North of Ireland) with the rest of the world.
To inspire others – of all faiths and none – on their spiritual journey through the power of Celtic Spirituality.
To bring people together in a spirit of peace. respect and understanding.




The Centre for Celtic Spirituality
Emain Macha/ The Navan Centre,
81, Killylea Road,
Northern Ireland
BT60 4LD