What the difference is between fixed and plunge routers?

The_plunge_router 24 Mar

What the difference is between fixed and plunge routers?

Many people have a desire to start and be successful in the woodworking project. Most of the people are willing to invest in the world class equipments. With the help of experts help anyone can gain knowledge about how to efficiently use resources and professional techniques.

They can focus on different types of routers especially fixed base routers and plunge base routers right now.  They have to know about the main difference between fixed and plunge routers at first and make a better-informed decision to invest in the best suitable router.

The overall position of the router bit is constant in the fixed base router. Users of the fixed base router can set it at a cut depth and change it as per their requirements. This is because this router bit protrudes past the base of the same size until the user manually changes the depth.


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The plunge base router is designed to assist its users to preset the cut depth and lower the bit into the cut with base of the router on the surface of the material. As a beginner to the router collection, you may get confused with fixed base and plunge base routers.

You have to be conscious about how to be smart and successful in your approach for investing in the suitable router after a comprehensive analysis of overall requirements.

The router is a good addition to any workshop as it is one of the most versatile power tools in the world. Individuals who own the best suitable router can do endless things with pieces of wood.

There are loads of important factors to consider while comparing the routers. Some of these factors are variable or single speed motors, horsepower and sizes.


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The two common categories of routers are fixed base and plunge base routers. It is the appropriate time to explore everything about fixed vs plunge routers in detail. You have to concentrate on every feature and benefit of these routers soon after you have planned to prefer and buy one of these routers.

Plunge base routers usually move up and down on the base. There are spring-loaded arms on both sides of this router. This design lets users to plunge the cutting bit down manually into the material from above.

If you work on the top of the board for different applications like rebates, insets, grooves, dados, and mortices, then you can prefer the plunge base router.  The router is locked at the fixed location in the base of the fixed base router. The cutting bit in this router cannot move from top to bottom.