How can I straighten my edges without a jointer?

Planer_jointer 1 Feb

How can I straighten my edges without a jointer?

Woodworking professionals use a wide range of tools and techniques with an aim to improve their quality of work and make their customers satisfied. They reveal how to get straight edges without jointer and jig. I have years of experiences in the woodworking and ensured that the best approach to straight my edges without a jointer or any other common object.

There are loads of suggestions regarding how to straighten edges of wooden boards without any jointer. You can spend enough time to identify benefits and drawbacks of all such methods right now.


Learn the basics at first

As a beginner to the woodworking, you have to start out with the construction lumber and plywood to learn and get going in the craft as convenient as possible. Once you have enhanced your proficiency in the woodworking, you have to buy high-quality hardwood from a lumberyard. You may do not get boards with suitable straight edges.

This is because these boards usually are wavy and rough. You have to know how to straighten such boards devoid of jig and jointer.  It is the suitable time to know how to get straight a board without a jointer and use such board as efficient as possible. You can focus on the following details and fulfil your desire to straighten the board.

As compared to buying expensive nature of perfectly milled lumber called as square four sides or S4S, you can get wood planed on both sides and have rough nature on the edges at the competitive prices and spend less than estimated time to finish milling at home.

Easy-to-follow guidelines for making a straight edge without a jointer give you the complete assistance and encourage you to directly prefer and follow such guidelines. You require the table saw, combination blade, straight edge, sharpening stone, screw clamp, dust collector and improved dust collector bag to start this project.

Use the best guidelines

Almost everyone in the woodworking project seeks how to get edges straight without a jointer and fulfil their expectations about an efficient use of available resources instead of investing jointer_workin expensive resources. They can hold the board by using a simple two-clamp system when the board is longer than three feet.

They have to sight down the board’s edges and find high spots. Once they have got all high spots down, they back the iron off and then set the plane for an accurate cut. They can take a couple of full-length passes to get full-width and full-length shaving.