What is a granite surface plate and what purpose it was used for?

granite_surface_plate 11 Aug

What is a granite surface plate and what purpose it was used for?

Many people have a wish to improve their proficiency in the precision inspection, tooling setup and layout associated with their project. They have to focus on the type of surface plate and its benefits at first. In general, the surface plate is a flat and solid plate used as the main horizontal reference plane designed for precision inspection, tooling setup and marking out purpose.

The surface plate is mainly used as the baseline for every measurement to the work piece. The primary surface is finished accurately flat with the tolerances below 0.115mm per 2960mm for the grade 0 plate. Extraordinary features of the granite surface plate used for different applications these days encourage many professionals to invest in the granite based surface plate over other materials.

Focus on basics of the surface plate

The surface plate is used in metrology as a measuring base or a datum surface used for testing flatness of surface. This plate forms the basis of the measurement and is widely used whenever inspection is carried out.

The top face of any surface plate is created as truly flat and made up of CAS iron. This product is heat treated mainly because relieving the overall internal stress. You can use a granite surface plate as a tool to check high-tolerance mechanical parts or any other work in different grades.

There are ribs in the back side of the surface plate. This feature maximizes the structural rigidity to withstand the heavy loads. The granite material with high degree of rigidity, high surface finish, and resistance to the wear and corrosion and free from warping gives more than expected benefits to every user.


Properly use the granite surface plate

There are loads of things to consider while using granite surface plate for any applications. The granite is used as the main material of the surface plate in recent years as it is free from rust or corrosion.

This material is almost immune to warping and known by its longer wear life. The granite surface plate gives the smooth action, virtually non-magnetic, great precision and low maintenance cost as well as co-efficient of thermal expansion.

The granite surface plate is ground and finished to the maximum degree of flatness in any axis. Hardness and thermal properties of granite play the main role behind its increased success rate in the surface plate applications. This surface plate is less prone to uneven cool or heat contraction and expansion as its density and uniform movement.