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‘THE CELTIC SPIRIT AND LITERATURE’ – BOOK TO ORDER. Also a new book by Kate Fitzpatrick – Macha’s Twins.

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This new book, published on 12th October 2015 by Columba Press in Hardback, is beautifully presented, containing artwork by well known Irish artist Rita Duffy and photographs by Ian Maginess.

The Authors are Grace Clunie M.A., Anglican priest and teacher of Celtic Spirituality, whose work is based at The Navan Centre, Emain Macha, Armagh, and Tess Maginess Ph.D. Programme Co-ordinator of Queen’s University’s Open Learning Programme.

Part One explores the ageless themes of Celtic Spirituality such as Nature, Hospitality, Art, Creative living, Journey and Pilgrimage.

Part Two explores the Celtic Spirit in Irish Literature, from ancient times through the centuries to the contemporary period.

The two parts of this book combined, create a powerful and inspirational experience of the ever-enduring Celtic Spirit.

For anyone interested in the indigenous wisdom of the Celtic Spirit and its roots in Literature and Spirituality, this new book will be an inspirational read.

It is a hardback book and can be ordered directly from The Centre for Celtic Spirituality.

Please follow these instructions to order your copy.

  1. Send £20 sterling (Includes P&P) to ‘The Centre for Celtic Spirituality’ C/O The Navan Centre 81 Killylea Road, Armagh BT60 4LD
  2. Send an EMail to ‘’ letting us know that you have sent the order and that it is for a copy of the book – The Celtic Spirit and Literature.  Also your postal address!
  3. We will respond to your Email and confirm that the Book is being posted to you once we have received your order.



This book is both a personal story and a journey of insight into the power of myth for contemporary spirituality.

Macha is the Irish Horse Goddess and her story is both powerful and tragic.

Will her curse on the men of Ulster finally be lifted and will we see healing and regeneration in Ireland and throughout the world?

The book explores the power of the Sacred Feminine and invites us to take a journey with Macha, and see where it leads us.

The book can be ordered by contacting Kate’s facebook page:


send an EMail to and ask for the book, and we will forward your Email directly to the author for her attention.