The Centre for Celtic Spirituality

Further Reading

1. Books by David Adam, former Vicar of Lindisfarne.

2. Books by John O’Donohue who wrote beautifully, from the heart, about Celtic spirituality. See Anam Cara, and also his wonderful last book, Benedictus: A Book of Blessings.

3. Books by Ray Simpson, Guardian of the International community of Aidan and Hilda. This community offers EStudies in Celtic Spirituality and much more – For further details on all they offer see their web-site

New Book by Ray Simpson – Hilda of Whitby: A spirituality for now. Published by The Bible Reading Fellowship 2014.

4. The Celtic Way by Ian Bradley – This is a lovely introduction to themes of Celtic Spirituality.

5. Where Three Streams Meet by Sean O’Duinn OSB

6. Journey at the Edge – The Celtic Tradition by Thomas O’Loughlin.

7. The Celtic Heart – Tom Davies.

8. On the Lives of the SaintsThe Celtic Heart by Pat Robson.

“What was good and true in Celtic spirituality has never really died. The independent hearts of Celtic descendants everywhere still yearn for the solitary place, still rejoice in the goodness of creation, still see the Lord beside them as they walk, still see Him in the face of friend and stranger. The gospel light with its eastern fire still gleams. The truth still lingers in the heart.”
From Pat Robson – The Celtic Heart, SPCK, 2009.

9. Books by j. Phillip Newell – Christ of the Celts  and Listening for the heartbeat of God.

10. The Salmon In the Spring: The Ecology of Celtic Spirituality by Jason Kirkey

11. SACRED LIVING: Practical Inspirations from Celtic Spirituality for the Contemporary Spiritual Journey

by Grace Clunie, Director of The Centre for Celtic Spirituality, Armagh.


Also avalable to download on EBooks and available as a PDF directly from this web-site (see post on Home page – ‘a six part study course to order’).

This book was written as a short introduction to six of the main themes of Celtic Spirituality – Creation, Hospitality, A way of Living (simplicity), Creative spirituality (Art), Pilgrimage (nomadic spirituality) and the Other World (death and dying). It is a very useful introduction for those – individuals or groups - wishing to begin to explore Celtic Spirituality. Each chapter concludes with questions for further thought and discussion.

The proceeds of this book go to the work of The Centre for Celtic Spirituality.


A small study library is available at The Navan Centre for use by anyone who wants to read the above books and many more on the themes of Celtic Spirituality.

Contact The Navan Centre to ensure you can access the library at the date/time you prefer.

Telephone 028 3752 9644/ 9655