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I am the unopened bud and I the blossom,

I am the lifeforce gathering to a crest,

I am the still companion of the silence,

I am the farflung seeker of the quest.

I am the daughter gathering in wisdom,

I am the son whose questions never cease,

I am the dawn-light searching out glad justice,

I am the centre where all souls find peace.


The Spring quarter of  IMBOLC  brings the gifts of insight and inspiration and is a time of beginnings and of essential truthfulness.

Begun in the dark and often icy days of early Spring, it is traditionally the time to appreciate innocence, truth and justice, to make resolutions and plans and to prepare for the enfolding year.

In the human growth cycle, Imbolc corresponds to the period of childhood when all things are questioned or enjoyed for their own sake.

Imbolc is a good time to celebrate the lives of all ‘soul mid-wives’, who have taught and prepared us, all who ahve been upholders of justice and truth,  all holy ones who have gone to the heart of the matter with great clarity and insight.

Activities for IMBOLC/SPRING

Practice your craft/Art/Skill with dedication, drawing on the inspiration of your heart.

Clarify your life by sping-cleaning surroundings and lifestyle.  Check and reassess your aims and objectives in life. Bring into focus your plans for the unfolding year.

In this burgeoning season of life, meet up with your spiritual kindred and soul-friends whenever possible for mutual encouragement and fun.

Be active, with like-minded others, in recording, preserving, living and learning about the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples, especially those in your own land.

Cut back old growth in the garden and compost it. Dig over the soil in preparation for  Spring’s planting. Plant flowers and vegetables for Summer and Autumn.

Create an outdoor prayer-shrine – or if you live in the city, befriend a tree in a park or find a place where you can go regularly to pray/meditate outdoors.

Be active, with like-minded others,  in defending human rights, world ecology or local issues to protect the environment.

As you travel through the land of Spring, relate your spiritual journey to the unfolding beauty of this season.

(From Celtic Devotional, by Caitlin Matthews, published by Gill and Macmillan, 1996)