The Centre for Celtic Spirituality

Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage – an ancient path between earth and sky

Brigid’s Way is a 9 day pilgrimage walk starting from Brigid’s Holy well in Faughart, County Louth, on 27th June 2015 and continuing through Tara to her monastic city in Kildare.

Cost: Facilitation is £25 euros per day (Concessions available)

Food and Board approx. £45-£65 euros per day.

Whether you know her as a Saint or a Goddess, Brigid is the iconic symbol of the divine feminine in Ireland

The walk offers opportunity to allow the wisdom of the majestic landscape and the inspiration of Brigid to guide us:

 - to ponder on our life’s journey.

 - to shed what no longer serves us.

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Phone: 087 (or 0035387 from the North)  4677632


A Caim (Encircling) Prayer for the journey.

Circle us with peace – keep light and love within, keep danger without.

Circle us through this day – keep childlike trust within, keep fear without.

Circle us this night – keep health and peace within, keep dis-ease without.

Deep peace of the quiet earth, deep peace of the flowing air, deep peace of the ocean’s depth, deep peace of the God of peace. Amen.