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An Imram to the Island of Iona, Scotland with Dolores Whelan 2015

The sacred Island of Iona has been a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years.

It has been an important centre for Celtic Christianity since Columcille established his monastery there in the 6th Century AD.

What is its magical attraction? Not only the rugged scenery and the freshness of the air, but something deeper and less tangible. There is a sense of presence that dwells in the rocks and soil of this tiny island, something which touches the mystery of the soul.

This pilgrimage is being facilitated by Dolores Whelan, spiritual guide and author.

Dates: September 29th – October 3rd 2015.

Cost of facilitation: £250

Accomodation and travel costs are not included in this fee.

For further details , booking form etc. go to

There are limited places, so if you are interested you need to book quickly.


A Caim (Encircling) Prayer for the journey.

Circle us with peace – keep light and love within, keep danger without.

Circle us through this day – keep childlike trust within, keep fear without.

Circle us this night – keep health and peace within, keep dis-ease without.

Deep peace of the quiet earth, deep peace of the flowing air, deep peace of the ocean’s depth, deep peace of the God of peace. Amen.